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On your wedding day, we will make sure to capture every special moment.  We'll go over everything before hand to make your day as easy and lovely as we can, and then giving you a way to remember that special day forever.  After all, wedding photos are art!  We offer various styles and packages to give you exactly what you want at an affordable price.  Contact us for our most up to date packages and prices or let us create something completely custom for you.  Let's talk!

*Ask about how to get free engagement photos with your package!

Portraits and Modeling

Do you want to be a high fashion model?  Or maybe catalogue is your thing?  Recent graduate maybe?  Maybe you're thinking about creating an online dating profile and need a great picture? Whatever the case, we'd love to do your portraits!  Showing your personality is key- we want to capture that individuality that makes you so beautiful!  Contact us with what style you're looking for and we'll get you a quote!

Couples and Engagements

Maybe you're engaged, or maybe that's not for you. Maybe just not yet.  Regardless we'd love to preserve your love (or like) for you to keep and/or share.  Grab your special someone and get in touch!  Let us know if you're looking for on location (where?) or studio-styled photos for a quote!  Our personal favorite is to tag along on a date to capture those candid and natural smiles!

*If you are engaged, ask about our wedding packages to see how you can get FREE engagement photos!

*Did Ferrell Photos do your wedding?  Ask about discounted anniversary photos!

Babies and Toddlers

From new-borns to toddlers, our shoots are customized to meet each child's needs.  They are always safe and always fun!   We can take snack breaks as needed and  bringing their favorite toy or doll always helps- not only to keep them happy, but also for a more personal touch in the photo!  Please contact us with the number of children and their ages in order to get a price quote.

Family Portraits

Want to capture everyone's personality but still have something beautiful to frame?  Want to tell the story of your family in a beautiful way?  Maybe you know that what mom wants for christmas is a new picture of the whole family since your last one is so outdated that half of the family isn't even in it?  Well, you've come to the right place!  It's not just your typical stand together and smile.  We want to give you something that looks great and really shows who you are.  Contact us about the number of people as well as what you're looking for in order to get a custom quote.  We can't wait to meet you!

Pin Up/ Boudoir Photos

Spend your day feeling sexy and glamourous!  Maybe a gift for a significant other, maybe something to look back on when you're older to remember just how beautiful you are, or maybe something to look at now!  Maybe even get the girls together and have a Boudoir party where everyone leaves knowing that some very sexy photos are on their way!  We specialize in creating a fun and comfortable environment so  you don't have to worry about feeling awkward.  Contact us about how many different outfits you want to do for an accurate quote!

*Remember to avoid tight clothing or anything with elastic in order to prevent marks and indents in your skin.  Bring your hottest shoes and the basics- black and white bra and panties.  Sexy lingerie, garters, thigh highs, jewelery… Make sure your hair and make up are done in a flattering way and bring what you might need for touch ups in-between photos.   

Bands- performances and photoshoots

What type of musician are you?  We'll work with labels, independents, solo artists, rock bands, girl bands- whoever you are, we'll aim to capture your style!  Whether you're looking to get some great shots of your big gig or some photos of you jamming in the garage, we can make it work.  Putting out a new cd?  We can shoot your cover!  Need pictures for posters?  You got it!  Contact us with what ever it is that  you need, and we'll be able to give you a custom quote, as well as some great photos to remember the good times and promote yourselves!

Artwork and Openings

This is something that not a lot of companies offer- photography specifically for artists!  We can photograph your paintings, prints, etc for your portfolio, website, gallery CD or gallery cards.  If sculpture is your forte, we can create photos like the image to the left, showing the different angles of the piece in order to show the full concept!  Contact us with the number of pieces, medium, and dimensions for a quote!

Still Life and Flowers

Sick of those boring walls in your home or office?  Looking for some nice photos to decorate with?  Choose from a large portfolio of still life photos for prints, or we can custom shoot for you!  Contact us with size preference as well as which images you're interested in, or what you'd like us to photograph for you!

Pets and other animals

How will you remember your pet?  Let us provide some visual keepsakes!

Dogs, cats, birds- or maybe something a little more wild?  Maybe you want a picture of you with your pet?  What ever your treasured friend, we can help capture some of those special moments you can cherish for a life time. Contact us with the number of and type of animal for a custom quote!

Testimonials- More coming soon!

Jenn says about her wedding package: "Love so many pictures!! & I absolutely love the bonus cd!!  It's awesome!!"

Lindsey says about her wedding photos: "…Just wanted to let you know we loved the photos! Everything was great! Thank you again!"

Colleen says about her baby's photos: "Oh my goodness, this turned out 100 times even better than I pictured!!! Gettin it blown up!!"  "So vibrant!!"  "I adore these... It's like a present every time you post one. SO fun!! Thanks babe!!"

Nicole says about her wedding photos: "I'm in love with all the photos… If we have a baby I know who to call lol"

TJ says about his baby's pictures: "This is awesome !!!!!! Such a great pic to celebrate"

Sam says about her engagement photos: "This turned out amazing! They perfectly describe us."

Melissa says about her babies' photos:  "These came out great! Thank you!!!"

Jeanette says about her sculpture package: "Thank you so much again for the photos! I love them and they turned out great!"

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