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Our Company Policy

Please read our company policy.  By signing a contract with Ferrell Photos, you agree to all of our terms and conditions.

Ferrell Photos retains the copyright and ownership of all images of the photo session.  The company reserves the right to use client images for display in both print and digital form.

Ferrell Photos is committed to protecting the privacy of our clients.  In addition, Ferrell Photos is opposed to unauthorized commercial email delivery otherwise known as spam.  Ferrell Photos will not share, rent or sell your personally identifiable information with third parties at any time.

A signed contract denoting services and fees agreed upon by Ferrell Photos and the client is required before any services by Ferrell Photos can be performed.  Contracts require a non-refundable $200 deposit for events (weddings, shows, etc) in order to become valid.  Deposit fees are applied toward the total balance.

There is a non-refundable $200 retainer fee in order for Ferrell Photos to reserve your date prior to signing a contract.  This fee is then applied to the contract as the deposit.

All of our pricing is based on the assumption that there will be a meeting in order to deliver purchased merchandise.  If shipping, then shipping fees may apply.

Ferrell Photos strives to offer one-on-one services to clients and achieve 100% customer satisfaction.  For all events, Ferrell Photos is to be the only photography vendor. No other photographer (professional or non professional) will be hired by the client or participating on the clients behalf at the event.  Absolutely no photography of any kind is permitted by any individual (including guests) during formal portrait sessions.  This includes camera phones.  The client is responsible for notifying and reminding all individuals at  the event.

Client is responsible for payment of deposits, fees and all balances owed to Ferrell Photos.  The session or event fee is due in full on or before the day of services.  Ferrell Photos reserves the right to charge late fees or travel fees (discussed on a client-to-client basis and vary upon season and location).  Ferrell Photos accepts cash and personal checks.  For cash, be sure to ask for a receipt if one is not provided for you.  Any checks returned by the bank will result in an additional charge.  Due to the custom nature of photography purchases, all sales are final.

Basic retouching is included in every purchase.  Retouching includes small scars, blemishes, etc.  Raw images will not be released.

The client must notify Ferrell Photos of any changes to an event as soon as the changes occur.  All changes must be presented in writing.  A fee may apply.

Unless otherwise stated in the contract, clients have thirty (30) days before an event to notify Ferrell Photos in writing of a cancellation of services in order to receive a refund of payments made, minus the non-refundable deposit.  Cancellations after thirty (30) days will not receive a refund. If balances are not paid by the dates specified on the contract, Ferrell Photos reserves the right to cancel services and/or charge a fee.

If any equipment provided by Ferrell Photos is damaged, whether accidentally or intentionally, by a client or a person present on the clients behalf, the client is responsible for the total costs of repair for these items.  Repair costs will be billed to the client with an itemized list of damaged items and the costs of repair or replacement.  The client is responsible for all charges on that list.

Ferrell Photos is not responsible for malfunctions or damages to equipment during and following an event.  If such damage occurs, Ferrell Photos liability is limited to refund the percentage of the total fees paid for by the client for unprocessed and undeliverable images.  Percentage refunded is solely the discretion of Ferrell Photos.  

Ferrell Photos is not responsible for delays in print-lab processing.

Ferrell Photos is not responsible for injury to clients or subjects participating in or around an event.

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