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About Ferrell Photos!

Why Us?

         Looking for a photographer to capture a special moment?  Maybe you're getting married or just brought a beautiful new life into this world? (Babies!)  Maybe your band just got a gig or needs a cover photo for their new CD?  Are you a model or an artist trying to build your portfolio?  Want to get a fun picture of your dog or maybe a sexy photo for your significant other (or maybe just for yourself)?  Perhaps you just got a new apartment and you're looking for some cool pictures to cover those boring white walls… or maybe it's just a tuesday and you feel like having your picture taken.

Why go all the way to a studio when you can have the studio come to you?

With Ferrell Photos, that's always an option.

About Us!

Ferrell Photos was founded in 2011 by Danielle and Nicole Ferrell, after years of passion and training!

     From photography classes at the London College of Fashion to impromtu photoshoots, it seems as if photography is always on our minds.  It went from being a hobby to a passion, and now we'd like to share that passion with you!  Ferrell Photos is all about capturing your special moments so that you can hold onto them forever, be it a wedding, a graduation, a concert or maybe just a Wednesday.  No shoot is too big or too small.

     We've both been doing photography for years and each worked with another professional photography company before deciding to join forces and bringing Ferrell Photos to you!  It's very important to us that you are completely comfortable and so we take pride in our abilities to create a fun and easy-going yet still professional environment.  Your satisfaction is very important to us and so it is our pleasure to assure you that you will not be disappointed!

-Danielle & Nicole Ferrell

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